The Association for Research Integrity provides administrators of Institutional Review Boards and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees with an Online Instruction Program that documents compliance with the PHS policy on Instruction in the Responsible Conduct of Research. Human Subject Assurance training is also available to IRB officials. Institutional and individual accounts are available.

The Institutional account allows administrators to set-up records folder (see Administrator's Page) for each staff member and the program will automatically send an email to them with information on accessing the program. Each record folder allows the user unlimited and permanent access to the nine core modules required in RCR training and the modules required for Human Subject Assurance training. Administrators can monitor and print records of staff completions of modules - online and anytime!

You are invited to review a full working demo of this program by clicking here to obtain a temporary records folder.

The costs for an institutional account is $75.00 per month for the maintenance fee and $10 for each new record folder you set-up. Individual accounts are $20 per person. ( Note: The monthly maintenance fee is waived for all new clients who are using the online training program for research animals located at

Click here to sign-up for the program or here to send us an email with your questions or comments.

  A quick overview of the program

- administrators can set-up a new records folder for a researcher anytime

- you can review a researcher's records folder anytime and print it for documentation

- any module can be customized at the request of the institutional administrators - free of charge!

- researchers can complete a module anytime from anywhere and review their records folder

- the records folders which are permanent can be transferred to other institutions